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Tree of Life Unveils New Headquarters and Purcellville Center with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Tree of Life Unveils New Headquarters and Purcellville Center with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

PURCELLVILLE, VA — Tree of Life, a faith-based nonprofit dedicated to serving all of Loudoun County, unveiled its new headquarters and Purcellville Center at 115 E. Main Street during a ribbon cutting ceremony held on Friday, March 8, 2024. This milestone move marks a significant moment for the organization as it continues its mission to reach out to the poor and needy in the community with the love of Christ. The new location will continue to offer the events and ministries that were in operation at the previous space, including a food pantry, weekly free community dinners, English classes, and more.

The ceremony was presided over by newly appointed CEO Susannah Lee, alongside Purcellville Mayor Stanley Milan, Loudoun Chamber of Commerce President Tony Howard, Sheriff Mike Chapman, Purcellville Police Chief Cynthia McAlister, Catoctin District Supervisor Caleb Kershner, and Phyllis Randall, chair-at-large of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. In attendance were also several local business owners, pastors, nonprofit leaders, as well as Tree of Life volunteers, donors, and other supporters.

The event opened in prayer by Tree of Life Chaplain Wayne Ruckman, who asked that all those who attended the event — whether as a volunteer, staff member, or citizen — be blessed and that the new building be used to honor God and be a “light in the community.”

Mayor Milan warmly welcomed Tree of Life to Main Street, stating that the relocation will “put them in the forefront so all can see where they are and welcome them with open arms into the community.” Milan explained the symbolism behind the ribbon cutting and that it is “opening doors for those in need to come to the facility and get the help they need.”

On behalf of Tree of Life, Lee thanked all of those involved presiding over the ceremony, in attendance, and all the volunteers and staff, remarking, “I have often lived by a motto [that] how you finish something is even more important than how you began it. We closed out a chapter of Tree of Life at the end of February where we spent the last 14 years serving the poor and needy in western Loudoun and this part of the county. It became somewhat of an emotional time as we said goodbye to a building of 14 years and reflected on all the impacts that happened at 210 21st Street.”

During her speech, Lee thanked the Murphy family, owners of the Main Street building, who have been so generous in making the move a reality. She also graciously asked former Tree of Life CEO and founder Paul Smith to join her on the stage as she articulated her vision for the forthcoming year and beyond, emphasizing the organization’s unwavering dedication to enhancing the lives of Loudoun County residents begun under Smith’s leadership.

President and CEO of Loudoun Chamber of Commerce Tony Howard applauded Tree of Life for their longstanding commitment to the community, stating, “The reason Loudoun County is so prosperous is because organizations like Tree of Life are taking care of those folks who may have one day been doing just fine and then a misfortune occurs. And you are the folks that are there to support them — today, tomorrow, and in the future.”

Chair Randall closed the ceremony and emphasized that government “cannot and should not” do everything in a community and that the work of nonprofit and faith organizations is essential to filling the gaps left by governmental organizations. She praised the dedication of Tree of Life in helping to fill those gaps and for serving those in need in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity, showing them that they are worthy of help and worthy of being part of this community.

The momentous occasion was an opportunity to not only celebrate the organization’s physical move but also to reflect on its impact and enduring commitment to serving Loudoun County. As Tree of Life embarks on this exciting new chapter, it remains steadfast in its commitment to serving those in need through the love of Jesus Christ.

Photos courtesy of Tree of Life.

Posted on: March 12, 2024

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