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The Virginia Horse Center Dedicates the Jacqueline & George Ohrstrom Jr. Barn

The Virginia Horse Center Dedicates the Jacqueline & George Ohrstrom Jr. Barn

On May 9, the Virginia Horse Center (VHC) Foundation cut the ribbon on the newly dedicated Jacqueline & George Ohrstrom Jr. Barn, honoring Jacqueline Ohrstrom and the late George Ohrstrom Jr.

In addition to VHC staff and several competitors at the Bonnie Blue UPHA Saddlebred show, attending the ceremony was Jacqueline Ohrstrom, Anjela Carroll, City of Lexington Mayor Frank Friedman, VHC Foundation Board President Roxanne Booth, VHC CEO Stephen Shank, Will Phipps of B&D Builders, and Chief Development & External Relations Officer Cinda Ayers.

Roxanne Booth opened the dedication of the barn by acknowledging the generosity of the Ohrstroms. “We are beyond thrilled to welcome Mrs. Jacqueline Ohrstrom to the grounds today for this important milestone and also as a competitor during this weekend’s annual Bonnie Blue UPHA Saddlebred show,” she said.

Booth continued, “Together, the Ohrstroms built an impeccable reputation on the love of all things horse. Their philanthropic endeavors touch countless lives — equine and human — and they were champions of land conservation long before it was in vogue. The Ohrstroms were instrumental in establishing the National Sporting Library & Museum, and truly the list goes on.”

Left to right: Stephen Shank, VHC CEO; Will Phipps, B&D Builders; Anjela Carroll; Jacqueline Ohrstrom; Roxanne Booth, VHC Foundation board president.

Booth thanked Ohrstrom for all that she and her late husband do and have done for the center, which benefits so many. “I hope that you consider today’s dedication of this barn a fitting tribute to Mr. Ohrstrom’s memory and an integral part of your living legacy,” she said.

B&D Builders is currently reviewing plans for the renovation of the interior of the Jacqueline & George Ohrstrom Jr. Barn. Will Phipps of B&D Builders commented, “We are excited to participate in commemorating the Ohrstroms’ contribution to the equine industry and humbled at the opportunity to enhance this barn.”

VHC CEO Stephen Shank said, “Naturally, none of the dream that is the Virginia Horse Center comes true without the significant support and investment of our dearest, closest friends. Today it is my distinct honor to express, on behalf of all those served by the Horse Center, my immense gratitude to Mrs. Jacqueline Ohrstrom and her late husband George for their loyalty and friendship. In recognition of their benevolence, we are thrilled and delighted to present the Jacqueline & George Ohrstrom Jr. Barn.”

He continued, “Additionally, I want to acknowledge and thank Will Phipps, Daniel Glick, and B&D Builders for the partnership on which we are embarking. Thanks to the demonstrated artistry and refined vision of B&D Builders, I know the interior of this barn will be state-of-the-art and, above all, built to last for the comfort and safety of our dear horses. Mrs. Ohrstrom, we all hope you find it a fitting tribute to your lifetime of involvement in equestrianism.”

Ohrstrom commented, “What a nice dedication. All I can possibly say is [that] the Horse Center is beautifully designed. The layout is great, and they have safe and comfortable barns. It is easy access [for] a number of states that are heavily involved with horses, and they have a lovely big ring!”

Photos by SCB Photography

Posted on: May 13, 2024

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