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“Farmer Wants A Wife” in Middleburg

“Farmer Wants A Wife” in Middleburg

Written by Middleburg Life Staff

For local fans of Fox’s dating show “Farmer Wants a Wife,” the season two finale hit close to home. The May 16 reunion show was filmed at Middleburg’s very own Middleburg Barn. The familiar backdrop, with its rustic charm and twinkling string lights, served as an appropriately romantic backdrop as contestants Brandon Rogers, Mitchell Kolinsky, Nathan Smothers, and Ty Ferrell revealed the motivations behind their chosen pairings, or lack thereof.

For the inside scoop, Middleburg Life caught up with Middleburg Barn owner Maureen Hanley and “Farmer Wants A Wife” bachelor Ty Ferrell about the experience of bringing “Farmer Wants A Wife” to Hunt Country.

As for how the show ended up in her backyard, Hanley shares, “We received a phone call and email asking if they could shoot here for a couple of weeks in December. It was perfect timing as we’d just finished up all of our events, and they came right in and set up for almost two weeks.”

Middleburg Barn. Photo by Ty Ferrell Photography.

She continues, “They took over the entire farm — all of our barns and property — and it was awesome! The crew were all professionals and knew what they were doing. Our farm provided the security they needed; we gave them their own security code so they could come and go as needed and get security in and out for certain elements as well.”

Of his time at Middleburg Barn, Ferrell, a native of Sikeston, MO, says, “It’s a lovely place. And for me, knowing that it was a stable, a barn where they had trained horses, I just took my camera and walked around.” He continues, “I checked out all the facilities, the arena, [and] I got some pretty cool shots.”

Now — spoiler alert.

To celebrate the local connection, Hanley hosted a viewing party of the finale on May 16 at the barn. For those who attended or tuned in at home, Ferrell says, “In the eyes of some, I am probably the most hated bachelor in America right now.”

He adds, “I went through the process and didn’t choose a lady.”

Though he did not get or give America the fairy-tale ending, Ferrell says, “I took a lot away from it. Another perspective.” And, speaking of the other contestants, “I have a lifetime of friends now because we all went through this. There are some really tough things you have to go through. That’s part of the experience.”

He adds, “I was glad to be a part of it. Some of the other guys did find their love; they found potentially their forever person. For me it is nice looking back and realizing that it did happen for them. That I got to experience their journey with them.”

When asked for his final thoughts, he shares a sobering reminder: “The TV world is not real life.” He continues, “I never thought I would be the most polarizing of the farmers by doing what I felt was right. You are judged pretty harshly if people don’t get what they want.”

Behind the scenes. Photo by Ty Ferrell Photography.

Though, even with the backlash, he adds, “But taking everything from it, would I trade it for anything? No. I’m glad I got to experience it, meet all the farmers. We got to go to some beautiful and amazing places, like Middleburg Barn.

“Each place that we went to had its own little bit of character and charm. I really wish we got to meet more of the folks that own these places. They put a lot of heart and soul into them. It’s really fun to see these places take pride in being part of the show.”

Hanley echoes Ferrell’s sentiments, saying, “We are excited that a wider audience will see our barn, of course, and also that Middleburg is featured! We get messages from the cast and crew saying they loved our venue and the area. Sometimes when living and working here, I don’t often see the beauty of the farm and area, but it feels good to share it with others and see how they enjoy it!” ML

For more images from the viewing party click here.

Featured photo by Genevieve Leiper.

Posted on: May 31, 2024

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