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“Best of Hunt Country Weddings” Groom Runs Marathon in Middleburg

“Best of Hunt Country Weddings” Groom Runs Marathon in Middleburg

Written by Middleburg Life Staff

On a chilly March 24, Frank Sturek, Middleburg Life’s February 2024 “Best of Hunt Country Weddings” cover groom, completed the Virginia Marathon in Middleburg. 

Of the day, he shares, “I wanted to run a marathon at some point over the last few years, and after seeing [that] the Virginia Marathon was held in Middleburg just over six months after our wedding at the Goodstone [Inn] last September, I felt it would be a very fitting location to run my first one.”

He continues, “I was actively training but had not signed up for the race at the time; however, after seeing my wife and I on the cover of the February edition, I figured that was the sign to do it. The event was very well organized and was a fun, and very hilly, challenge through the countryside. The amenities were great and appropriately located, the support staff was very helpful, and I am looking forward to running the race in Middleburg again in the future.”

Frank was supported and surrounded by family, including Middleburg Life’s cover bride, Mari, and his mother, Julie.

Posted on: May 3, 2024

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