Photos by Joanne Maisano

The start of formal fox hunting began the first week of November. Weather conditions varied between windy and cold to a steady rain but that didn’t stop the die hard fox hunters.

Piedmont Fox Hounds Opening meet at Oakley farm Whip Johnny Dean, huntsman, Jordan Hicks and whip Michelle St. Onge.

Just as important as having the right horse is having the right look for the formal hunts. Middleburg Life photographer Joanne Maisano donned her boots to be there so we could share these with you.

Middleburg Hunt huntsman Richard Roberts moving off from Mortgage Hall.

Here are a few shots from local fox hunt meets around the area. Huntsmen in their scarlet coats are always a handsome sight to see.

Huntsman Reg Spreadborough of Orange County Hounds at Opening meet

The Joint Masters and members braved the elements in style in their formal attire.

Huntsman of Blue Ridge Hunt Graham Buston.

This article first appeared in the December 2018 issue of Middleburg Life.