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Premier Promotional Products is Ready to Place Your Logo Where it Counts

Premier Promotional Products is Ready to Place Your Logo Where it Counts

Written by Lia Hobel | Photos by Kaitlin Hill

Picture this: you have a company event coming up and need branded giveaways to hand out. Your first thought might be to shop online. And when you do, you quickly realize that options are limited and offer no guarantee for the quality of what you’re about to purchase. 

Online ordering can be impersonal and oftentimes deceptive. Luckily for Hunt Country residents and beyond, there’s a local promotional marketing company that has a physical showroom and friendly service in Middleburg. 

Just off South Madison Street, Premier Promotional Products is a woman-owned company that offers personable interaction and honest feedback about products and logo designs. “We consider ourselves a branch of our clients,” shares Margaret vonGersdorff, president of PPP, speaking from the showroom floor that’s equipped with a variety of apparel and accessory options for customers to touch and peruse. The showroom opened in 2020 after being at the Village of Leesburg since 2004. VonGersdorff says she has never looked back regarding the decision to move to Middleburg. “The people that we meet here just fit and we love the town,” she adds. 

With 25 years of experience in the marketing space, vonGersdorff jokingly describes her team as the “logo police,” especially when it comes to color. VonGersdorff has many of the Pantone color chart codes down by memory. She and her two team members, Pamela Taylor and Kaitlyn Ahalt, work daily to make clients happy with their color selection, logo design, and placement. “When you go to an event or you’re giving something out, you want to be [proud] to say, ‘That’s my item. That’s my company name.’ And if you don’t have the right product that reflects on your company, you’re going to be sorry,” explains vonGersdorff. 

The PPP team frequents shows, both nationally and regionally, to see all products firsthand and stay ahead of trends. It’s there that they’re able to meet with manufacturers to touch and experience the products before the samples hit their Middleburg showroom floor. “We’ve been in this business so long that we know which [suppliers] are going to get a product shipment on time,” Ahalt notes, adding that the team can easily “weed out” the products that don’t meet a standard level of quality. 

VonGersdorff gives the common example of an event T-shirt. She boils it down to whether you want to give out a T-shirt someone wants to wear or one that a person would likely wash their car with because it’s uncomfortable. “We can help guide you, because if you’re looking online and you see a $7 T-shirt and a $10 T-shirt and say ‘we’ll get the $7 dollar one’ — do you really want the one that’s going to be itchy and hard or do you want that soft ring-spun cotton,” noting that they know the textile terminology and can provide a client options to touch and feel in-store. 

Oftentimes, customers are quick to gravitate toward pens and mugs when selecting products for a company event. However, vonGersdorff encourages customers to think outside the box. The goal of the PPP team is to find the most suitable option that will maximize the client’s visibility while honoring the customer’s criteria. “We take pride in saying, ‘Let’s pause for a minute. Give me your audience. Give me your goal,’” she explains. Some of the latest trends have included the Stanley Mugs and Under Armour apparel that clients can customize. 

Whether you have a small family reunion, need a customized flag for your boat, want to personalize your tailgate, or are gearing up for a major corporate event, the PPP team will happily handle it all. Clients are welcome to see samples and share ideas of what they want to achieve through their branded merchandise. From there, the PPP team will give their honest input and provide options. They’ll offer digital proofs and ask for multiple sign-offs before completing the order. Whether it’s one time or ten times of going back and forth, the PPP team is willing to make as many edits as required to the logo design until the client says it’s perfect. “We want our customers to shine. When they’re happy, we’re happy. We’re all shining together,” vonGersdorff beams. 

Walk-ins are welcome to the showroom, and visitors are guaranteed to be greeted by one of the three ladies that proudly represent Premier Promotional Products. With clients locally and nationally, the establishment remains a community marketing merchandise destination. 

Interested to learn more? On Friday, May 12, PPP will host an open house from 1 to 4 p.m. for anyone to come preview new spring and summer products. ML

Premier Promotional Products
15 South Madison Street
Middleburg, VA 20117

Published in the May 2023 issue of Middleburg Life.

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