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Posh Pixies Kidswear: Middleburg’s Newest Boutique for Kids

Posh Pixies Kidswear: Middleburg’s Newest Boutique for Kids

Written by Heidi Baumstark | Photos by Michael Butcher

The phrase “posh pixies” likely conjures up images of stylish youth, making it an apt name for the new children’s clothing boutique on S. Madison Street.

Shop owner Robin Klombers came up with the name after searching for something whimsical that conveyed elegance and style — the definition of posh. And pixie implies small and spright, “so I thought there could be some fun play on words there,” she adds. “Even my water bowl for dogs out front says ‘Posh Pups!’”

In May, this charming shop opened its doors offering stylish and affordable fashions for preemies to size 10 for boys and girls, including gender-neutral styles. “A variety of price points — and a focus on responsible sourcing with natural and eco-friendly fibers — are important to me,” Klombers shares. “Though I may have a $90 dress for a 10-year-old, I also have $10 Vaenait Baby T-shirts.” 

Klombers also carries Appaman, Baby Sara, Hannah Banana, Brown Bowen, Deux par Deux, Feather 4 Arrow, Magnetic Me, Me & Henry, oh baby!, Huxbaby, Posh Peanut, and Vignette brands.

Some of those natural fibers include muslin, linen, cotton, silk, and fabrics made of TENCEL™ Modal fibers, which are extracted from naturally grown beech. “There are no allergens in that; it’s an eco-friendly tree, and the fabric is exquisitely soft,” Klombers adds. 

Other clothes are made from bamboo, which is a natural UV protectant and wrinkle-free. Even raincoats are made from fully breathable fabric on the outside and are water-resistant. “It’s the way the fabric is spun, and they’re machine washable,” Klombers says. “So, you’re not wrapping someone in a product full of chemicals.” There’s even a clothing line with magnets instead of zippers or buttons. Some customers with children with disabilities prefer magnets, making it easier for self-dressing, leading to a sense of independence and empowerment. Other clothes have zippers that open and close in both directions. 

Many of the suppliers are women or family-owned, use recycled or biodegradable materials for packaging, and purchase USA-grown fabrics and materials. “I’m super picky about sourcing. I source everything myself and look for quality, detail, and value in everything I buy,” Klombers admits. “I’ve been doing this for a long time traveling to New York and south to Atlanta and Charlotte for clothes. I’m originally a New Yorker and have a mix of styles; we have some really fun lines.” There are even matching shirts for father/son and dresses for mother/daughter duos perfect for that timeless family photo — or a memorable day in Hunt Country. 

Posh Pixies also carries blankets, accessories, and books, and offers shipping, online shopping, gift registry for new babies, and private appointments for birthdays and special occasions.

Klombers moved from New York to the D.C. area when she was 11. “My parents often spoke of our family background in New York’s ‘garment district’ and I recall visiting showrooms and design studios, and even getting to ‘shop’ in warehouses full of children’s clothing that my great-uncle owned.” 

In high school, she worked in retail, and was promoted to assistant manager at age 16. She was in her 30s when 9/11 happened. “As it turned out, the company where I was a publisher in the media industry was acquired the day before, on September 10; so, I woke up the morning of 9/11 without a job while on maternity leave,” Klombers says. “We had a full view of Manhattan from our home and watched the events of the day from our front lawn.” 

In light of the tragedy, she decided to make a change by turning down an offer to run BusinessWeek given the time it would require her to be away from her new baby. “So, I took this as a business opportunity to do something that was always a dream of mine,” says Klombers, “and opened my first store close to home using the bonus check from the acquisition of the media company I had worked for.”

Klombers has two daughters, Hanna and Zoe. Hanna was less than a year old when Klombers opened her first store. Now a college graduate, Hanna has an incredible sense of style; she created the sidewalk sign for Posh Pixies. Zoe, a junior in college, has always liked less frilly fashions, choosing blues and darker colors, and is an inspiration to her mother, still preferring those non-pink dresses or outfits.

Of her new location, Klombers says, “I feel so fortunate. For people to come in and say we love your line, your price points; it’s super rewarding. It makes me feel this store is really needed in the Loudoun area. One customer told me she used to travel to Alexandria, but now can shop here, closer to home.”

Posh Pixie’s tagline? “Responsibly sourced, natural fiber apparel from preemie to size 10 for girls, boys, and gender-neutral fashionistas at a variety of price points.” With that motto, every customer can be a “posh pixie.”

Visit Posh Pixies Kidswear at 9 S. Madison Street in Middleburg. For more information, check out, follow the store on Facebook, or call 540-296-4649. ML

Published in the July 2023 issue of Middleburg Life.

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