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Old Bust Head Unveils The Little Tap House on the Lawn

Old Bust Head Unveils The Little Tap House on the Lawn

Written by Middleburg Life Staff

Photo courtesy of Julie Broaddus.

Known for their practices in sustainability, Old Bust Head Brewery’s latest endeavor is another excellent example of recycling. Julie Broaddus, owner of the Vint Hill brewery, shares, “Lawn seating is something we’ve been missing at Old Bust Head. Then one day we looked out at the small cinderblock tool house put in by the military in the 1940s and thought … that would be a perfect place to serve beer to folks on the lawn.”

Of the process of converting the old building, she says, “Within about three weeks we had the building renovated, taps in, fencing around the lawn, and tables and Adirondack chairs set. We love it and we already see people using the space — whether they’re out walking their dogs or at the end of a bike ride.”

Old Bust Head, which opened in 2014, occupies a former, top secret military listening post. Of The Little Tap Room on the Lawn, their latest venue for kicking back and enjoying a beer, Broaddus says, “The Tap House appears to be one of the first buildings built by the military when they came in and made alterations to the farm buildings in the 1916 farm complex. The earliest maps we have list it as a ‘Tool House’ behind the ‘Signal Supply’ building, which is now the Cold War Museum.”

The new space is now open and ready to be enjoyed by visitors to the brewery.

Photos by Cara O’Neal.

Posted on: May 31, 2024

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