Written by Victoria Peace
Photos courtesy of Teresa Taylor

On Saturday, May 14, Teresa Taylor hosted a Collector’s Dinner in her Middleburg home. Guests of the networking event included local Hunt Country art collectors, international art enthusiasts, and representatives from the Trotter & Sholer gallery in New York City. “Art is a passion of mine and few things are more enjoyable than celebrating the love of art with others who share the same,” Taylor said. “I wanted to bring together a fun and diverse mix of friends who may not have otherwise come together to mingle and discuss art.”

For dinner, the 27 attendees enjoyed a specialty cocktail and a four-course Thai-inspired meal prepared by Chef Cathal Armstrong. Armstrong is the owner of the acclaimed D.C. restaurant Kaliwa which is known for its innovative Southeast Asian cuisine. Table décor included pieces from artist Derek Weisberg, and artist Ezra Cohen’s work was featured in the interior of Taylor’s home.

As the evening progressed, Taylor’s guests enjoyed a view of the sun sinking over the rolling hills of the Salamander Resort & Spa. “The evening was beautiful,” Taylor emphasized. “It’s amazing how art can spark a memorable evening.”

In the future, Taylor is hoping to host another Collector’s event. She is looking forward to creating more connections between those involved in the art scene in Hunt Country, New York City, and abroad. ML