Race event runs to help-out equine industry as more than 1,000 jockeys, trainers and equine caretakers face possible unemployment.

The International Gold Cup was held with limited people on-site—participants and essential personnel only at Great Meadow in The Plains, Va.  Viewers tuned in from home this year at http://nsa.network.video/ to live-stream the event. 

“We wanted to provide a venue for the steeplechase/racing industry to be able to get horses out and receive some financial support in the form of purse money,” explained Dr. William Allison, co-chairman of the Virginia Gold Cup Association, the organization that oversees the Virginia Gold Cup and the International Gold Cup. “Thanks to the NSA, jockeys, and trainers have been able to continue training their horses and have some livestreaming venues where they can compete.”

Photos by Liz Callar