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Go for a Drive in Loudoun’s Countryside for the Western Loudoun Art & Studio Tour

Go for a Drive in Loudoun’s Countryside for the Western Loudoun Art & Studio Tour

Written by Lia Hobel | Photos by Wade Creative 

Western Loudoun’s serene countryside, sprinkled with villages and towns, boasts many working artists who choose to call the area home. On any given day, a traveler can see how this portion of Loudoun could inspire creators with its beauty and tranquility. However, artists may not always have their studios open to the public. That’s why for the last 16 years, volunteers have collectively hosted a three-day, self-guided tour for the community known as the Western Loudoun Art & Studio Tour. The tour is entirely free. 

“One of the great things about the studio tour is that the artists are in their studio,” shared G’Ann Ziegler, chair of the planning committee. “They’re working studios and they’re demonstrating their process, so they get a chance to engage with the public.” The tour is the largest of its kind in Northern Virginia, notes Ziegler. 

The variety of art is what makes this tour spectacular. There are paintings, pottery, jewelry, photography, drawings, fiber, sculptures, and more. Those who’ve been on the tour in the past know the brilliance showcased. 

This year’s event will be held on June 2-4. Over 50 artists are participating in more than 30 locations. The public is given a map, available in person and online. From there, they can choose where they wish to stop on their road trip. There are a handful of newcomers to this year’s tour. 

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