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Cottagecore Fantasies Come to Life at LeFay Cottage

Cottagecore Fantasies Come to Life at LeFay Cottage

Written by Shayda Windle

For many, their wedding day is something they’ve envisioned and planned since they were young. With the start of the 2022 wedding season, couples everywhere are looking forward to their big day with more anticipation than ever before, especially after so many weddings and celebrations were postponed over the last few years.

Recent trends show the soon-to-be betrothed are interested in supporting local businesses which reflect their core beliefs and are booking venues that can execute unique themes. One theme of increasing popularity is “cottagecore,” an aesthetic that exudes natural elements and all things outdoors and vintage.

Couples are looking to bring the natural, simple beauty of the outdoors to their special day in a big way with cozy garden party themes, beautiful floral decor and installations, and bold colors. While there is no lack of luxurious rural settings here in Hunt Country, one place in particular stands out as the quintessential cottagecore wedding venue: LeFay Cottage at Little Washington. 

Sally-Anne Andrew, owner of LeFay Cottage, explains that the venue was born out of a “childhood reverie imagining such a place — a secret garden cottage exuding magic and mysticism amid the allure of hills as old as time.” Her vision has been played out perfectly at LeFay where upon entrance, visitors are greeted with an old iron faerie gate surrounded by lush greenery and gardens with blooming, fragrant flowers. 

The cottage, located approximately 50 minutes southwest of Middleburg, offers an ideal rural escape in the historic village of Washington, Virginia. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom property is located on five acres overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. The cottage itself is adorned with French and English antique furniture and decor. With so much natural beauty and history surrounding LeFay Cottage, the venue provides everything you need for a cottagecore-themed wedding including space for a wedding party to prepare, and for the couple to stay. 

Andrew explains there are three outdoor areas for couples to marry: The Secret Forest, The Love Lavender Field, and The View of Old Rag Mountain, each with its own cottagecore, natural splendor. “The Love Lavender field, which has been created in the shape of a heart, lends itself beautifully to a cottagecore-themed wedding amidst the purple hues and fragrant wafts of lavender. The lavender is in full bloom at the end of June and early July — a perfect, natural wedding for a couple that enjoys the path less traveled,” Andrew shares. 

Speaking of the path less traveled, LeFay Cottage has plenty of activities for couples with an adventurous side. Hiking, biking, rock climbing — you name the outdoor activity and you’ll find it here. For those looking to explore the historic village of Washington, LeFay Cottage is only a short drive away from the famous Michelin three-star restaurant, The Inn at Little Washington, as well as other fine dining and casual dining restaurants, award-winning wineries, and distilleries. 

LeFay Cottage offers a variety of packages for couples desiring outdoor ceremonies that include “gorgeous chiavari chairs with cream cushions, an ornate secret garden canopy, as well as a cream French Provincial couch, coffee tables, and French chairs for guests to feel as though the cottage has been extended onto the land as part of the rental,” Andrew notes. “We have some special curated packages that we are only offering for a short while that include a weekend two-night stay with the cottage grounds and furniture package,” she adds. 

And for those looking to take the cottagecore theme a bit further with a faeriecore theme, Andrew says, “We have created custom packages just for LeFay brides and grooms so that their magical fantasy comes to life. LeFay Cottage is truly where happily ever after begins.” ML

This article first appeared in the February 2022 Issue.

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