By Chelsea Rose Moore

Salamander Resort & Spa Salon Supervisor Sarah Preast, is a master stylist who does everything from nails to hair to makeup. Immersed in the world of beauty, she keeps up with all the trends, watching the styles her clients are choosing (or avoiding), and offering her favorite tips and tricks.

“For most people, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. You want to look and feel your best,” said Preast. Over the last two years, the salon has seen an increase in men’s manicures and pedicures. Preast called it a growing trend for men. For many men, this has become an act of self-care before their wedding.

“We’re seeing about 50 percent of grooms coming in for a manicure or pedicure,” she said, “A lot of men do a buff or shine, instead of a polish. It’s a very clean and refreshing look for men to have their nails groomed for their wedding. It ties the whole look together. [At a wedding], when a man is in a nice suit, people are looking at his hair, and they can see his hands.”

In addition to men’s haircuts, facials, deep tissue massages, and riders’ relief massages, Salamander’s Salon also offers manicures and pedicures designed specifically for men. The 85-minute experience includes a treatment that hydrates the hands and feet, energizes skin, and leaves nails short and buffed. Want to skip the pedicure and just do a manicure? No problem. Customers can opt for a single manicure or pedicure, instead of both. Getting their nails done is definitely going to give men a boost of confidence, said Preast.

The Salamander Resort & Spa Salon supervisor says another new trend is color in the bride’s manicure selections.

The 2019 nail trends cover everything from minimal accents of color and monochrome nail art to 80’s and 90’s neon and glitter. Also on trend are super minimal manicures, designed to showcase the natural nail with a simple layer of glitter. The 90s bedazzled nail trend, which includes a basic manicure with small stones, stickers, and textures, is making a comeback. However, when it comes to weddings, many still think of the traditional French manicure.

Preast noted that many brides are actually straying from traditional French manicures. Although French manicures are “elegant and classy,” she’s seeing brides select whites, opaque hues, pastels, pinks, and nudes. She believes this is a result of changing times, which has influenced the shifting styles and color schemes of weddings. Brides are channeling more natural, bohemian vibes. Stylists are adding pop, much like how professional photographers are giving wedding photos better color contrast and enhanced visual appeal.

Dress, hair, and makeup styles have shifted too, Preast noted. Wedding hairstyles have gone from elegant “ballroom” to relaxed, natural looks. “Putting color on nails works for the new trend in weddings,” she said. “People are going more natural.”

In 2017, Preast herself opted out of a traditional French manicure for her wedding. She chose a more natural look – a relaxed wedding dress, curled hair, and soft color on her nails.

When a bride arrives at the salon, Preast begins by asking questions about the wedding: where it is located, what style it is, how the bride is doing her hair, and what style of dress she is wearing. Many brides already know exactly how they want their nails, but when a bride is looking for suggestions, Preast will offer style choices tailored to the wedding’s theme.

Salamander Resort & Spa Salon has a few new services to offer clients, like the Margaret Dabbs Supreme Manicure and Pedicure. Developed by a renowned podiatrist and leader of one of London’s top podiatrist clinics, the Margaret Dabbs manicure and pedicure combines luxury beauty treatments with organic ingredients designed to nourish the skin. The Salamander is one of the only locations in the area to offer a Margaret Dabbs treatment. For clients who are careful about the ingredients they put on their bodies, this will be a go-to treatment.

“It’s not just about the finishing look of the nails – it’s the wellness of your foot as well,” said Preast, “You have to consider what you’re putting on your body and what it does to your body. If you’re going to [get a nail treatment], you might as well do the safest route possible.” The Margaret Dabbs treatment includes tea tree oil, which is anti-fungal and anti-septic, and emu oil, which contains essential fatty acids and vitamins that restore and replenish deep layers of skin.

The salon offers a variety of perks that truly make it a luxury experience. From hot neck warmers to selections of Prosecco and hot tea, guests will find themselves drifting into a relaxed state of being – just what couples need before their big day.

The Salamander Salon offers locals a 20 percent discount on salon services from Monday through Thursday. The offer is open to residents of Loudoun and surrounding counties.

This article first appeared in the February 2018 issue of Middleburg Life.