Photos by Alexa Wolff

There are many competing theories about the origin of Saint Valentine’s Day and how it became associated with the celebration of love. The first known reference dates back to 1400. So, for nearly 700 years, lovers have recognized Feb. 14 as a day to exchange tokens of 
their affection.

There is no need to lament your gift-giving choice. As we make plans to do something special for our valentines this year, we need look no further than downtown Middleburg. Our local retailers offer much more than just cards and you will find no shortage of unique ideas to help you conform to this centuries-old tradition.

To provide a little inspiration, we sent staff member Alexa Wolff out to explore local options and offer a few recommendations to guide you on your Valentine’s Day shopping mission. ML

Middleburg Floral Gallery

Surprise your significant other with a beautiful bouquet from Middleburg Floral Gallery.

Highcliffe Clothiers

Look fabulous this season dressed in Highcliffe Clothiers.


Ladies, you can conquer anything with a great pair of red heels! Stop into Duchessa and check out their elegant collections.

Popcorn Monkey

Indulge with delicious treats from Popcorn Monkey.

Crème de la Crème

Happy Valentine’s Day from one of our favorite shops, Crème de la Crème.

Richard Allen Clothing

Gentlemen, you can’t go wrong dressing in any item from Richard Allen Clothing.

Thomas Hays and Son Jewelers

Doll-up-for-Valentine’s Day with this fabulous piece from Thomas Hays and Son Jewelers.

Nature Composed

Design your own personal bouquet or centerpiece from Nature Composed.

Lou Lou Boutiques

Accessories are a girl’s best friend, find yours at Lou Lou Boutiques.