Based out of Middleburg and Warrenton, Va., Griffin is the first President of the NSA from Virginia since the 1970s.

Dr. Griffin has served on the NSA board for 7 years and chaired the Promotion and Growth Committee. He also served on the Executive Committee before becoming elected as the Association’s President.

“I am very honored to be chosen for this position,” said Dr. Griffin, “We have seen a lot of growth in our sport over the last decade. Our challenge is to wed the great traditions of steeplechase with the reality of today’s environment. For any organization to survive and flourish, you need to embrace change.”

(Above: Alfred C. Griffin, Jr. DDS)

“Each race meet has its own individual identity and that is a strength for steeplechase racing,” he added, “A goal of the NSA is to help each race meet thrive within the context of their uniqueness. The NSA is also the governing body for steeplechase racing and oversees the race officials and the adjudication of the races.”

Look for the full feature story with Alfred C. Griffin in Middleburg Life’s upcoming March Issue. ML