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Tasty Farmers Market Finds

Tasty Farmers Market Finds

Tasty Farmers Market Finds

In Upperville, Leesburg, and Warrenton

Written by Sophia Kedzierski

A trip to the farmers market is the perfect opportunity to support your local small businesses, farmers, and artisans. Whether you’re looking for produce, baked goods, or signature drinks, the vendors at these markets are sure to please. Here are some of our favorites.

Hunt Country Market

The Hunt Country Market of Upperville offers an incredible selection of farm and artisan products carefully selected from the Hunt Country area. Hosted every Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Buchanan Hall, this market offers products from over 20 vendors, as well as live music to season the atmosphere.

The Salt Pot Kitchen

Co-founded by Cordon Bleu-trained chef and mom Wendy Salt, the Salt Pot Kitchen prides itself on British culinary excellence. Their flaky, buttery pastries paired with succulent meat turns comfort food into a delicacy. Looking for meat-free options? The Salt Pot Kitchen offers plenty of vegetarian and vegan-friendly choices, from Cornish pasties to hearty soups. Though The Salt Pot takes great pride in their British roots, most of their ingredients are locally sourced from Hunt Country farms and surrounding areas.

Back Road Bagels

Founded just last year, Back Road Bagels specializes in small-batch sourdough bagels. With a selection of flavors ranging from the savory rosemary and salt, to the sweet comfort of cinnamon raisin, these warm and hearty breads will delight with or without additional fillings.

Georges Mill Farm

If you’re tired of your typical dairy section cheeses, Georges Mill Farm will easily upgrade your routine trip to the supermarket. These products come from an eight-generation family farm for pasture-raised goats, pigs, and chickens, as well as a Civil Warera bed and breakfast. Swing by this vendor for farmstead cheeses, caramel, soaps, pork, and eggs. Switching to small farm animal products is both the tastier and more ethical choice. Your local farmer will thank you — and their animals will, too.

Warrenton Farmers Market

Tucked away off of charming Main Street, the Warrenton Farmers Market offers a vibrant medley of products such as meats, produce, and beverages. Kick-off your summer weekends with a visit to this market for your grocery staples and goodies.

Freed’s Biscuits

A longtime favorite of Middleburg Life, Freed’s Biscuits has reached regional celebrity status. Growing up with a chef father, founder Josh Freed has the talent of cooking in his bones. With accumulated experience from his father’s business, as well as award-winning restaurants in the USA, Hungary, and Canada, Josh Freed is the master of his craft. Whether you’re looking for the sweetness of cinnamon rolls or the fiery kick of jalapeño-cheddar, these locally-sourced creations are made for you.

Mad Magic Kombucha

Rich with probiotics for better gut health and certified organic, Mad Magic truly feels like drinking an enchanted potion. Each drink is locally brewed in Northern Virginia and packaged in a whimsical glass bottle. And with an incredible variety of flavors, Mad Magic has something for even the most unaccustomed palettes. Try the flavors double ginger or raspberry to get your magical journey started.

Living Springs Microgreens

Farmer and owner Tim Ernst started his journey in microgreens with one question: “How can I find the most safe and healthy food to feed my family?” The answer would lead him to the perfect blend of flavor and nutrition. Living Springs Microgreens are placed on an organic, steam-sterilized coconut fiber pad and placed under ultraviolet light to kill pathogens, making them the pinnacle of healthy eating. Utilized by chefs to transform dishes like salsas and fruit salads, these lively greens offer vitamins on steroids.

Leesburg Farmers Market

Located at the Virginia Village Shopping Center on Saturdays, the Leesburg Farmers Market is packed with your classic selection of dairy and produce, along with so much more.

Beechwood Orchards

Your trip to the farmers market isn’t complete without a stop by the fruit stand, and Beechwood Orchards has you covered. Their selection of delicious donut nectarines, white and sour cherries, blueberries, apricots, and more will satisfy your sweet tooth without the sugar crash. Strolling past each basket of fruit feels like a walk through a candy store. Each piece of fruit is as beautiful as it is juicy, and with the peach and nectarine season ending in September, these fruits are sweeter than ever.


With a mantra of “Von Mir Für Dich” (meaning “from me to you” in German), Berlin native Lexi’s baked goods are filled with the taste of homemade goodness. Specializing in gluten-free and keto-friendly treats, this vendor makes cheat day an option for all. Try the keto wild berry tart or gluten-free plum streusel to start your day with a guiltless treat. ML

This article first appeared in the August 2021 Issue.

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