By Brian Yost

The “fox with the tray of chocolates” artwork used on the February cover was created by local artist, who is known for her whimsical depictions of foxes, horses and hounds. This work was painted specifically for Stephanie Yowell of Middleburg’s Finest Chocolates, where it is currently on display.

The fox piece is one of several works by Cadenas exhibited in Yowell’s store. The collection was crafted with an eye toward giving the chocolate shop more of a hunt-country vibe in line with the look and feel of downtown Middleburg.

Other works by Cadenas can be viewed throughout Middleburg. Among the venues displaying her work are Side Saddle Cafe and the storefront at Journeymen Saddlers. ML

Fox with the tray of chocolates by local artist Debbie Cadenas,

“Fox with the tray of chocolates” by local artist Debbie Cadenas,