Story by Kerry Phelps Dale

The new tennis director at Middleburg Tennis Club (MTC) comes to the small club from a large public facility in Rome, Georgia, and couldn’t be happier with the move.

“The way the people treat each other and the family atmosphere — that’s what sold me on the club,” Kevin Brundle said of his initial interviews and visit to Middleburg.

After spending a number of years promoting and directing tournaments at his last job, Kevin looks forward to introducing new events like tennis-style Jai Alai and continuing the popular Pickle Ball and Compass Draw at MTC. But it’s in working with families, the grass roots of developing players and programs that Kevin is most passionate.

“I love the atmosphere here. This is my dream job.”              -Kevin Brundle

The Michigan bred and raised tennis pro has taught and directed tennis programs for 12 years in Florida, Connecticut, Maryland and Georgia. He draws similarities between New Canaan, Connecticut, and Middleburg, “The love of tennis and both very active. And the feeling, the vibe.”

He loves the game of tennis and at the age of 32 he hopes to play, “as long as my body holds up.” With a respectable 5.0 tennis rating, Kevin said “I’m most confident on the court,” and proved that with his 2-0 winning debut in the Morgan Dennis Cup in June, when he played No. 1 doubles with club manager Vaughn Gatling.

New tennis director Kevin Brundle. Photo courtesy of Middleburg Tennis Club.

New tennis director Kevin Brundle. Photo courtesy of Middleburg Tennis Club.

When Kevin is not on the court he likes to be in the woodworking shop making furniture. Among his projects are a bench, console and kitchen table. When he has completed the building of a piece, he turns it over to Lauren, his wife of just over a year, to do the finishing work of painting and distressing.

When the couple gets settled, Lauren a registered nurse, hopes to find a job close by. But for the moment the Brundle’s plan to enjoy their new home and get to know the people of Middleburg. “We like the social aspect of the club, too.”

Middleburg Tennis Club and the area have everything Kevin and Lauren appreciate. “I love the atmosphere here,” said Kevin. “This is my dream job.” ML