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Find Out Why Martha Stewart Was in Middleburg

Find Out Why Martha Stewart Was in Middleburg

Find Out Why Martha Stewart Was in Middleburg

Published April 27, 2021 on

On April 22nd, The Fauquier & Loudoun Garden Club hosted a private fundraiser event at the newly renovated Middleburg Community Center to help kick-off Historic Garden Week in Virginia.  Martha Stewart and Kevin Sharkey gave an on-stage lecture titled “A Life in Four Gardens” to attendees.

“This was a private fundraiser to raise money for our community & to celebrate Virginia Historic Garden Week. Martha, Kevin, and Christopher were so wonderful to come to Virginia Hunt Country, as my guests & to stay at our farm, Markham Willows! They loved Middleburg and all the southern hospitality!” —Gail Clark, Vice President, Fauquier & Loudoun Garden Club

Above: Martha Stewart with host Gail Clark and & Christopher Spitzmiller

Olivia Rogers, Middleburg Community Center, says, “Hosting Martha and Kevin was a feather in my cap during my almost seven years at the Middleburg Community Center. It was even more unique having the opportunity to run their sound and AV for the presentation – fortuning me the opportunity to work backstage with them both. The community welcomed them with open arms, and MCC was grateful to be a part of the event had by 100+ local community members. We also enjoyed looping in local business to help make this event & decor possible: Bella Villa Vintage rentals providing the “Presley Wingback Chairs,” Barbara Sharp creating the gorgeous large floral arrangements flanking the stage, Bridget Wilson’s Native Blooms providing the remaining floral arrangements and exquisite hors d’oeuvres by local favorite Savior Fare.”

Lecture at the Middleburg Community-Center titled “A Life in Four Gardens”

(Left: Copies of Martha’s book, Photo by Olivia Rogers. Right: Martha and Olivia Rogers backstage)

Above: Gail Clark takes Martha Stewart and Christopher Spitzmiller to visit the National Sporting Library & Museum

Spotted on Social Media. Images via @christopherspitzmiller, @frannykansteiner and @naturecomposed on Instagram.

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