Photos by Joanne Maisano

Luciana and Robert Duvall hosted a private party to show their appreciation for The Plains Volunteer Fire Company (TPVFC) on Oct. 18.

Robert Duvall and The Plains Vol. Fire

More than 90 guests, both civilian and fire fighters, attended the event in their beautiful barn at Brynley Farm, a 250-year-old property located in The Plains. Guests dined on a delicious Memphis-style barbecue. Fire Chief Billy Boylan spoke about the station’s history and its growth.

Today, the station covers 60 square miles and responds to some 1,000 calls a year. He explained how the 501(c) (3) organization uses volunteers alongside the career firefighters and medics.

(Top left: Danielle Bradley, Luciana Duvall, Lisa Jawer. Right: Marvin Jawer, Milton Sender. Bottom Left: Robert Duvall with his honorary helmet. Right: Andrea Currier, Henry Rust.)

At this time, TPVFC is working on purchasing a new pumper tanker fire truck to better serve the community. Chief Boylan, Lisa Jawer and the firefighters presented the Duvalls with their own honorary white fire helmets to thank them for their support. The legendary actor quickly donned it for the crowd to see! ML

This article first appeared in the November 2019 issue of Middleburg Life.