Mikey and The Ladies

Mikey and The Ladies

Mikey, May, Roxy and Bonnie: Mikey and The Ladies—neutered
black pot-bellied pig and spayed American guinea hogs

Owner: Middleburg Humane Foundation

Age: Mikey 6 years old; May 3 years old; Bonnie 1 year old; Roxy 5 months old.

What’s your story?

Mikey – I’m a very social guy who loves hanging out with other pigs, including the Ladies. I’m currently working on my diet so it would be great to have a place to roam (like a pasture) so I can get my exercise! It’s better for my joints to stay active.

The Ladies – We are a rare breed similar to a pot-bellied pig. American Guinea Hogs were bred to forage and seek out their food and grow slowly, so we are perfect for a well fenced pasture instead of small confinement.  We can get as large as 85-100 pounds when we mature.

What do you like about MHF? We love the special back rubs, brushings, playing with toys and chatting up our friends.  Playing in a baby pool in the summer is the best, especially for Roxy. We like living outside with our other buddies.

Do you have a party trick? Belly flops in my pool. No one does it better than a pig.

What is your best feature? After a good brushing, we glow! We are super smart and like new challenges.

Do you follow a special diet? We do! We rely on our caregivers to have portion control because we will not stop eating and become obese.  We love good quality 1st and 2nd cutting hay and lots of vegetables and fruits.

If you had one wish what would it be? To find a home with a family who will love us. We don’t want to be forgotten outside. We want a nice warm home to keep the chill out during the winter and a shady spot in the summer. We want to play and be a real part of a family. Keeping us together or going to a new home as a pair would be extra nice
because we already get along with each other. We have been here for a year now and would like our wishes to come true! ML

Article courtesy of Melanie Burch, Director of Development. For more information, visit www.middleburghumane.org or call 540-364-3272. Middleburg Humane Foundation operates a private, 4.5-acre farm shelter located in Marshall, Virginia. It is their goal to provide a haven for abused, neglected and at risk animals, both large and small. Photos by Chris Weber Studios.