Laverne – Arabian Mare

Laverne. Photo courtesy of MHF.

Laverne. Photo courtesy of MHF.

Owner: Middleburg Humane Foundation (MHF)

Age and size: Eleven years old, 15 hands.

Name origin: My name is French and means “spring-like.” I have a spring in my step, so my name is appropriate.

Describe yourself in three words: Striking, energetic and courageous.

What’s your story? I was bumped around from home to home when I was younger until I landed at MHF a few years ago. I’m easy to work with on the ground, I stand for the vet and farrier and I get along with all the other horses.

I’m sound and healthy and enjoy heading out on trails with friends. I think people are hesitant to choose an Arabian, but they shouldn’t be. I’m curious, active and smart.

I’m in my prime! Eleven is a great age.

What do you like about MHF? I didn’t have a lot of training when I first came to MHF, so they were great about sending me to a trainer who worked with me and helped me out with my flat work. I’m back at the shelter, with a nice pasture and friends and I feel safe. I know it’s time for me to find my forever home so MHF can rescue more of my horse friends in need.

What is your best feature? I have a finely chiseled head, long arching neck and high tail carriage. I look like I’m floating when I stretch my legs and move out.

Did you know that in general Arabians have a short, straight back (usually one less vertebra than is common with other breeds), perfect balance and symmetry, strong legs and a more horizontal pelvic bone position? I’m betting you didn’t know. That’s why you should check me out.

If you were likened to a celebrity, who would you be? Could I say Cass Ole, who played the Black in “The Black Stallion”? No? But he was sooo cute! I think my choice should count since he was a pretty big celebrity in his time.

Do you follow a special diet? No, I don’t have a special diet.

If you had one wish, what would it be? I need an intermediate rider who is not too big for me. Remember: I’m 15 hands. I want the chance to learn and grow with and love a human.

I’m ready to bond with you. I’m ready to place my nose on your shoulder and let you give me a tickle. I want you to want ME! ML

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development. Middleburg Humane Foundation operates a private, 4.5-acre farm shelter located at 4094 Whiting Rd, Marshall, Virginia, 20115. It is their goal to provide a haven for abused, neglected and “at risk” animals, both large and small.