If I could describe summer ‘21 to future generations, I would tell them it was the summer that life happened again. I like to think it will go down in history as the “summer of reunions.” After being forced apart due to the pandemic, the feeling of joyfulness was fleeting for most of the year. But now, as we begin seeing relatives and friends and getting back to the things we love doing, this thrill radiates through the air. It’s electric and we want more of it.

I find myself asking: How will we be different after such a life-altering year? What changes will we make for the better? Or will we revert back to our old ways?

After giving birth (on Mother’s Day) to a beautiful little boy named Asher James, I have been through significant changes myself. We have gone from a family of three to a family of four, and transitioning while we both work demanding jobs has been no easy feat. My husband and I may be sleep-deprived, but we are powering through and hoping to attain some sort of balance in life again.

Middleburg Life is also going through necessary changes. Changes that will allow us to keep up with a world that continues to push back at print media. For starters, to remain competitive, we will continue increasing our reach to benefit our advertisers. This will be achieved by covering topics across more of the region that embodies the “hunt country” lifestyle.

In print, you will see these changes reflected through our new logo, “Middleburg Life & Hunt Country.” You will continue to see stories that focus on the lives of people who live in or near Middleburg and who represent this unique lifestyle that connects us. Finally, in August, the magazine will be upgraded to a higher quality full gloss print with a slightly modified size.

As we grow, we will continue our efforts to reach a larger audience through even more online stories and through a broader distribution that places the magazine in the hands of more people in similar equestrian communities up and down the coast.

A heartfelt thank you to our readers and loyal advertisers for your continued support as we ride forward in an endlessly changing world.

Jennifer Gray
Editor in Chief

This letter first appeared in the July 2021 Issue.